In this chapter, we have compiled a selection of useful documents and forms.

"Ordering" contain downloadable versions of our order forms.

"Legislation" contains full texts of the BVI laws that regulate the offshore company formation and licensing of the providers of the offshore financial services.


Order Form Company Order Form
If You do not wish to use our Online Order Form, here is the same form in Word format. Please complete and send back to us by fax, mail, courier or email.

Banking Form Bank Introduction Form
If You require a bank account introduction service, please complete this form and send it to us by fax,mail or email.

BVI Terms Regular Terms and Conditions of Business
The downloadable version of our Terms & Conditions. Part of the documentary due diligence for all new orders.


Here are full texts of some of the most important laws which regulate offshore company formation, operation and management in the British Virgin Islands, and the related areas of offshore financial services business, like registered agents, banks, trust companies, insurers and offshore investment funds.

BVI_Business_Companies_Act_2004 BVI Business Companies Act 2004
This is the main and the most important piece of legislation, which currently regulates the registration, status and operation of the Business Companies in British Virgin Islands. This new law has replaced and superceded the previous BVI Companies Act (Cap 285) and the BVI International Business Companies Act 1984.

BVI_Banks_and_Trust_Companies_Act_1990 BVI Banks and Trust Companies Act 1990
This is the law, which regulates the licensing and operation of banks and trust companies in the British Virgin Islands, including those offshore Registered Agents who are registered and licensed as Trust Companies – including Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd.

Company_Management_Act_1990 BVI Company Management Act 1990
This law regulates the operation and licensing of those smaller BVI offshore company managers and Registered Agents, who are not licensed as Trust Companies. The regulatory provisions set forth by this Act are less stringent than those prescribed for the Banks and Trust Companies – in particular, as regards capital adequacy.

BVI_Insurance_Act_1994 BVI Insurance Act 1994
This law governs the registration and licensing of domestic and offshore insurance companies, insurance managers, brokers and agents in the British Virgin Islands.

BVI_Mutual_Funds_Act_1996 BVI Mutual Funds Act 1996
This law governs the registration and licensing of public, private and professional investment funds, mutual funds and hedge funds, and licensing of fund managers and administrators in the British Virgin Islands. The impressive number of offshore investment funds registered in the BVI are licensed and regulated under this Act.