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Fidesta Ltd. is pleased to establish professional relationships with introducing agents, and other businesses acting as offshore intermediaries. These clients make up our professional client base, which consists of a wide variety of businesses in the corporate services field. This includes, but is not limited to, other company formation and registration firms, trustee service firms, trust firms, attorneys and law offices, accountants, banks, financial institutions, tax consultants, and many other fiduciary and corporate service agents from related fields. Our professional clients receive preferential rates at a substantial discount, as well as other bonuses and services unavailable to our end-user clients. Professional clients with particularly high volumes of business receive even greater discounts, which are based on the number of clients they service.

As with all clients, we are required to perform the Know Your Customer (KYC) Due Diligence (DD) work for our professional clients. We are obliged by below to familiarize ourselves with our professional clients and their business before we can establish a professional intermediary relationship. Despite the foreboding names, this process is quick, and straightforward, and once completed our professional clients enjoy the benefit of an expedited ordering process that is easier, faster, and less expensive. Becoming a professional client will allow you to recoup your initial costs in short order.

While we will need all the KYC documents of each ultimate beneficial owner, shareholder and director of the companies that we register, the clients of our professional intermediary may be excepted from signing the Contract (Terms and Conditions) with us. Several other documents prerequisite for the company registration (Offshore company order form, Business description) may be accepted signed by the professional instead of the company owners.

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