Ordering and Pricing

Can I buy the offshore company anonymously, without telling my name?

No. All licensed Registered Agents are required by the law to know who their client is. Therefore, the client is not only asked to reveal his name, but also to provide certain documents that will prove his identity and address particulars. This requirement is known under the name of Due Diligence or KYC (Know Your Client) and is applied by all reputable offshore jurisdictions with minimum variations. Therefore a completely anonymous purchase of an offshore company is legally impossible. That being said, all personal information of the client remains only with the Registered Agent, is not filed on any public records. Severe criminal penalties await anyone who illegally discloses such client information to third parties. In addition to which the respective Registered Agent firm will most certainly lose its license. Therefore, we, as Registered Agents, are most inherently interested to keep client information under lock and key.