Ordering and Pricing

What information do you require to register my offshore company?

To register an offshore company, we are required by law to carry out the Due Diligence or Know Your Client (KYC) procedure. All Registered Agents in the BVI as well as other financial services providers are subject to the same requirements.

Generally, we will need the following documents for all the beneficial owners and other (if any) individuals involved with the company in any major capacity - directors, shareholders, signatories:

- Certified copy of passport or other identification document;
- Proof of address which can be a utility bill, a bank statement, a reference letter or other acceptable document less than 3 months old;
- Signed Terms and Conditions and completed and signed Company Order Form (you can start by completing it here);
- Bank Reference or Professional Reference letter;
- Document confirming source of funds for registration of the company and initiation of the intended business.

Please contact us for more details on requirements of the documents to be provided.

In some cases, depending on your business, country of residence, citizenship, or any other conditions, we may ask for additional documents.

For practical reasons these documents can initially be sent electronically (scanned in high resolutions and sent over email), but before the company documents can be sent out, we will need to be in receipt of this paperwork in original form.