Offshore Bank Accounts

Why do you charge a fee for the bank introduction?

The offshore bank account introduction is a professional service, in the course of which we, as an "approved intermediary" do the following things. After evaluating Your needs and background, we first suggest which could be the most appropriate bank to approach. We introduce You to the bank, provide You with all account application forms and "hold Your hand" during the completion of these forms. During the process, we would usually provide some advice as to the best possible ways of preparing the bank application, including a few suggestions on how to prepare the Due Diligence documentation in the most appropriate way. We also prepare a pack of the documents of your company properly certified as per requirements of the bank. We would then review the file and forward it to the bank. In most cases, the account opening can be completed by mail, without personal presence of the client. (There are exceptions, though!)

So, during the whole bank introduction process we spend quite a lot of our time, and also some money on document legalization, mail and communications, to assist You with the account application. Additionally, seldom the bank account opening is a quick and smooth operation. More often it is a laborious, time-consuming and even frustrating procedure. In fact, the time spent by a qualified member of staff on any particular offshore bank account opening much exceeds the time spent on a new company formation. Therefore, it is quite logical that this service involves a fee. Although the offshore bank account opening using our introduction service is not guaranteed as the banks may reject the clients for any personal or business details of the client at their own discretion, it substantially increases the chances of a positive result.

A bank introduction service, however, is optional, and clients are by no means precluded from approaching any offshore banking connections already known to them.