Offshore Bank Accounts

Can You guys just open the bank account for my offshore company without me signing anything?

No, it is impossible. For any account opening, there are always forms that require exclusively the signature of the beneficial owner of the company. Our nominee director, nominee shareholder and bank account signatory services may substantially reduce the number of documents that you have to sign for the account application, however, we are not able in any way to sign the documents that must be signed by the beneficial owner.

Furthermore, not only will you have to sign the bank forms for the account opening, but you will also need to provide various documents and considerable amount of information from your side to complete the bank account application.

All banks are required by laws to ascertain who are the ultimate beneficial owners of each offshore company and to carry out Due Diligence/KYC procedure for each of them. It includes collecting the identification documents, proof of address, bank reference or other documents subject to the KYC specifications of each bank.

Company business description is another item of great importance in the account application process. It is one of the first things that the banks view and consider when deciding on the acceptability of the client. We do not and we cannot know the business particulars of your company therefore we cannot contrive this part of application without your participation. And, the more thorough your participation is, the better chances of account opening.