Belize is a typical, straightforward and cost-efficient offshore tax haven. Among the "younger generation" of the jurisdictions offering tax benefits to international business, Belize offers a package of legislation that is both modern and robust.

A complete range of offshore corporate services are available from Fidelity Overseas Ltd in Belize. The firm provides Belize IBC registration and trust formation services, offshore company management and assistance with formation of special license entities in Belize

This page provides a brief outline of Belize, the type of offshore entities and services available there.

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Belize - the offshore jurisdiction that beats the clock

Same-day offshore incorporations are standard in Belize. Quite usually, a new IBC will be registered in only a few hours by the Belize International Business Companies Registry.

In fact, by registering in Belize, you may very well turn back the clock. Belize has a 14 hours time difference with Hong Kong, and a 7 hours difference with London. The business day only starts in Belize when it has already ended in the Far Est and is just about to finish in Europe. So, when You were really pressed to have your offshore IBC registered earlier today, but your "today" has already expired, you can still get your incorporation done today - in Belize!

In many other respects, Belize also is ahead of the competition.

Belize is one of the only two countries in Central and South America that has English as the official language. A continental country with a diversified and healthy national economy, Belize does not stand out as a typical "tax-haven". However, it is, in fact, a tax haven, as good as they get.

Since around 1990, Belize operates a modern International Business Companies Act, Trusts Act, Mutual Funds Act and Offshore Banking Act, all providing the best available offshore benefits to the international entrepreneur and investor. These offshore laws are helped by minimum red tape, a strong culture of information secrecy and an efficient financial services community. Belize is arguably the most secure and confidential offshore jurisdiction.

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Belize is situated in the southeast part of the Yucatan peninsula, bordering with Mexico on the North and Guatemala on the South and East. The total land area of Belize is 22`806 square kilometres. Belize easily accomodates its population of approximately 388 thousand, which consists of a mixture of races and ethnic groups, including descendants of the original Mayane, Mestizos, Caucasians, Chinese and East Indians.

Since 1970, the capital of Belize is Belmopan - a custom-built town in the exact geographic centre of Belize. The old capital of the country, Belize City (117`000), still remains its largest city and the main economic hub.

Belize is an independent country, member of the British Commonwealth, the United Nations and the Non Aligned-Movement. Belize is a parliamentary democracy, with the legal and judiciary system based on the English Common Law. Unlike some other states in the region, Belize has has a perfect record of peace, stability and democracy and has never been involved in any military conflicts or civil disturbances.

The national currency of Belize is the Belizean dollar, which is tied to the US dollar at the rate of 2 to 1. The US dollar is a legal tender and in free circulation in Belize, thus providing for an outstanding monetary stability, which is further supported by conservative policies maintained by the Central Bank.

Belize is arguably the most attractive eco-tourism destination in the world, with an outstanding natural beauty and balmy climate (apart from the regular hurricanes). Along with tourism, exports of timber, marine products and tropical agricultural products (sugar, citrus, bananas) provide for a substantial part of the national revenues.

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Belize International Business Companies

The formation and operation of Belize IBC is regulated under the Belize International Business Companies Act. The Act was adopted in 1990, a revised edition was released in 2011 and several amendments have been adopted afterwards. Belize IBC Act is currently one of the most comprehensive and attractive pieces of offshore corporate legislation.

Apart from enjoying a complete exemption from tax in Belize, the Belize IBC features ultra-fast same day incorporation, no minimum-capital requirements, no mandatory filing requirements, no record of directors and shareholders on public file, no annual returns.

A Belize IBC is an ideal vehicle for any international trading or services business. For a complete review of all features of Belize International Business Companies, please follow the link to Belize International Business Company

Belize IBC also represents an outstanding value for money, with the minimum Government licence fee starting from only $100 and the professional fees for offshore incorporations ranking among the most competitive in the world. All-in-all, a Belize IBC packs an exceptionally attractive offer, considering the quality of the underlying legislation and the range and level of services available. A premium Belize IBC incorporation package, containing all the most important management services (nominees), legalisation of documents and courier delivery, is priced at a very attractive $1460.

For a complete list of fees and charges for Belize offshore formations, please click away to the Belize IBC pricelist.

Offshore services in Belize

Fidelity Overseas Ltd is an independent corporate service provider, licensed by the Belize International Financial Services Commission. The firm is specialized in Belize IBC formations.

Fidelity Overseas Ltd provides Belize IBC registration and management, registered agent and registered office services, company directorship, shareholding and custodian services, bank introductions and offshore account management, virtual office services, offshore trusts and support with special licensing applications in Belize.

With Fidelity, formation of an IBC is a straightforward and efficient process. For a full description of the Belize IBC formation procedure, please follow the link to How to register in Belize. Initial contact and placement of Belize IBC formation orders can be made online, through the Belize Company Order Form. The full details of Fidelity in Belize are:

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