An affiliate office of Fidelity Corporate Services works in the Seychelles, providing offshore company formation and management services as well as trust formation and trustee services in that country. This chapter contains an outline of the types of companies and offshore services available in the Seychelles.

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Seychelles - the elaborate offshore centre

It took only a little over a decade for the Seychelles to advance from a new and unknown offshore services country to a stable, recognized offshore financial centre. Competitive fees and high level of professionalism quickly gained interest and confidence of the customers. With offshore corporate legislation based on the time-tested concepts of some of its most successful competitors, and after a methodical improvement and modernisation, Seychelles now has an offshore corporate package that is hard to beat. With strong historical and business ties to both Western Europe and South Asia, Seychelles has emerged as the leading offshore tax haven in the Indian Ocean region. It competes as equal with the more widely recognized Caribbean offshore financial centres.


Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands located in the South-Western Indian Ocean. It has a total land area of 455.3 square kilometres and an impressive 1.374 million square kilometres of the Indian Ocean. The main island is Mahe, with capital Victoria located there. The population of Seychelles is about 96,000, with a mix of races, nationalities and religions. The official language is English, while Creole is spoken by all resident and French is present due to strong historical ties.

Seychelles is an independent, democratic, presidential republic. It has an outstanding record of political stability and enjoys substantially more affluent standard of living than most other countries in the region.

The three most important sectors of the economy of Seychelles are fisheries, tourism and offshore financial services (nowadays, not necessarily in that order). Featuring an excellent climate and a breathtaking natural beauty, Seychelles features some of the most beautiful and exclusive holiday destinations in the world.

For more geographical and practical information on Seychelles, please feel free to go to the full Seychelles country description.

Offshore incorporations in Seychelles

There are two types of offshore companies available in Seychelles – the traditional, tax-free International Business Company and the low-tax Special License Company.

A Seychelles IBC is among the most competitive International Business Companies available today on the world offshore financial services marketplace. Apart from being completely tax-free, the Seychelles IBC boasts same day incorporation, low maintenance costs, no reporting, no requirement to file accounts or annual returns, no records of company owners on public file.

The minimum annual license fee payable by an IBC to the Seychelles Government is $100, which is in line with the most competitive IBC fees in the world. For a complete list of fees and charges in relation to Seychelles IBC`s, including the professional fees of Fidelity Corporate Services in the Seychelles, please click away to the Seychelles IBC pricelist.

For a complete and detailed review of all corporate features of the Seychelles International Business Companies, please follow the link to Seychelles IBC.

A Seychelles Special License Company (abbreviated "CSL") is regulated by the Seychelles Companies (Special Licenses) Act 2003. The primary feature of the CSL is its ability to bypass foreign blacklisting by being a low-tax company (as opposed to a zero-tax company, like IBC) - a CSL pays 1.5% on its worldwide income. A CSL can also access the growing number of double-tax avoidance treaties concluded by the Republic of Seychelles. Unlike an IBC, a CSL is formally tax-resident in Seychelles, which in turn allows for easier conduct of its business abroad, attracting less suspicion and scrutiny.

For more information on the Seychelles Special License Companies, please follow the link to Seychelles CSL.

Our services in the Seychelles

Fidelity Corporate Services (Seychelles) Ltd is an independent professional firm, licensed in Seychelles asan International Corporate Services Provider and International Trustee Services Provider, and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority.

Fidelity Corporate Services provides a full range of offshore corporate and trust services in Seychelles - registration and administration of IBCs and Special License Companies, Registered Agent and Registered Address services, directors` and company management, shareholding and custody of documents, virtual office and a full administrative and secretarial support to Seychelles companies, trust registration and trustee services.

For a full description of the registration process of Seychelles IBCs, please follow the link to Seychelles registration procedures. Initial contact and placement of Seychelles IBC formation orders is available online, through the Seychelles Company Order Form.

For more information about registration of a Seychelles trust, please go to the section Seychelles International Trust.

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